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American Awning. Shutter Loks. Lamp Shade Pendant Light

American Awning

american awning

american awning - American Window

American Window Awnings - Sunbrella Fabric Classic Style Awning

American Window Awnings - Sunbrella Fabric Classic Style Awning

American window awnings are designed in the classic style of window awnings with a scalloped valance. One of the unique features about the American series of awnings is the fact they can be made with a different color for the valance if so desired. Another feature is the variety of valance styles available as well as the variety of actual sizes to choose from. These beautiful window awnings can be sized from three feet wide all the way out to 16 feet wide in a combination of five different projections. The Sunbrella awning fabric is made to block up to 94% of the sun's U.V. rays as well as reduce the solar heat buildup caused by direct sunlight thereby reducing your overall cooling bills plus the fabric is backed up with a five year warranty. The awning frame is structured around a no rust anodized aluminum frame and galvanized staples are used to secure the fabric to the frame. Finally GoreTex weather resistant Tenera thread is used on all the fabric seams. In short this is an awning designed for a lot more than one season of use. The American window awnings come fully assembled and ready to mount on your windows saving you a little extra time and maybe even a little extra aggravation in having to assemble the frame and mount the fabric. If you would like to customize these beautiful window awnings even further you can have two inch tall lettering placed upon the valance for an additional price and you can also add a pull up kit as an option if the need to retract this awning if you live in an area with frequent inclement weather. A selection of color and patterns can be found at the Sunbrella Fabric Showroom located by clicking on the Sunbrella logo at the bottom of this listing. Be sure to write down your desired Sunbrella Fabric Color and the Sunbrella Fabric Number and make that choice under either Item 3A or Item 3B in the selection area of this listing.

79% (19)

American Beauty, Dalston

American Beauty, Dalston

There's far far too much going on here, I know I should probably crop it in closer, but what the heck. I don't think I've ever said this on one of my shots before, because I consider it lame, but just this once - I think this is actually Best Viewed Large.

awning pipe supports, Brookport, IL

awning pipe supports, Brookport, IL

Iron awning and pipe supports made by George L. Mesker & Company from Evansville, IN. The Masonic Lodge, which is adjacent, has an awning made by the other Mesker company from St. Louis.

american awning

american awning

Left Hand Awning Window Operator for Pan American Windows

Used on Pan American Windows This Window Operator has two top screw holes which are 7/16 inch (11.1 millimeter) on center and two bottom screw holes which are 1-5/16 inch (32.4 millimeter) on center. The distance between the top and bottom screw holes is 5-1/4 inches (133 millimeters) on center. The straight link arm is 2-5/8 inches (66.7 millimeters) long with a 5/16-18 thread at the link end. It fits on Pan American windows. Minimum Order: 1 Package Each package contains one operator with link arm and screw. If any replacement parts are needed, please, click the following link: Repair Parts .

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